What Does It Cost to Make A Custom 2D Animated Explainer Video?

One of the most common questions when it comes to 2D animated explainer video is “how much does it cost?”

There is no definite answer to this question because you might be talking about 60-second explainer video, while other people may prefer 90-second duration. As you would probably anticipate, you can expect a wide variety of prices out there. However, if you want high-quality videos, you will want to work with a reliable provider. The amount charged depends on several factors:

1. Technique

2. Quality of animation

3. Length of the video

4. Deadlines

But before going further, the first thing you should know is that no matter how long your explainer video is or quality of animation, there is an amount of work that goes into the video that will be the same.

1. Research – 8-12 hours – $50-$150/hour

The video production company need to learn your business(services, products), your competitors, understand how to communicate with your target audience and so much more.

2. The concept, Brief, and Script. $40-$250/hour

It is the progress that focuses on the concept, brief, script, and storyline. The objective is to find a way to tell your message in the video.

3. Mood board, sketch and storyboard $50-$70/hour

The next step is to find the right styles; there are almost endless ideas scattered around. The company needs to check and make several attempts back and forth to find out which options work best for you. After that, they will visualize the story to show how the video will play from one scene to another.

4. Creating the style – $50-$70/hour

This is a critical stage because the designer should find the right visual concept that will grab the attention of your audiences and make them watch. For example, you’re targeting business c-suite entrepreneurs so you can not create a video with hipsters or anime style characters.

5. Recording voice over $100-$350 fixed price

This is another stage that you need to conduct no matter what. The company needs to find the right voice over artist-determine the accent, gender, paces and style of reading. The good voiceover artist is the one who can represent your company best in the video.

6. Music and sound design $100-$500 fixed price

Music is usually purchased on royalty-free websites. When you visit these sites, you will find millions of options, and sometimes it takes 6-8 hours to find the best option that fits the video. The same thing goes with music and sound design. The team must pick the soundtracks very carefully.

So this is the necessary procedures any professional company should do for creating a custom video. If we convert this to money, it will cost around $2000-$3500.

The main price indicators-what affects explainer video pricing.

2d animation technique

The cheapest one is motion graphics that will cost starting $1000 per minute. However, I would recommend going with 2d motion graphics with characters because if you are talking about people’s experience, then you need people in the video. The characters will interact with your audience well, which make your videos more “human.

Pricing: $1500-$3500 per minute depending on the quality

Quality of animation

This is something that you need, but I would say that all the great companies provide acceptable quality. The pricing can vary as above.

 Length of the video

Ok, this is tricky, and you need to use this formula. So we need to take the necessary procedures $2000-$3500 and add per minute pricing as above. For example, if our video’s length is 2 minutes.

Basic procedures: $2000-$3500 + 2x$1500-$3500


I will recommend to do research and ask quotes from at least five companies. A good price is $3000-$3500 for a 1-minute custom animated explainer.