Urban Gardening-Plants for Container Gardening

While I think of gardens, I will envision the lush English gardens out of these period pictures like Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. I didn’t even understand little space gardening was something until I got right into it. I’m still learning the intricacies of urban gardening but thought I would provide you a few thoughts on plants for container gardening.

Ever since I have seriously interested in gardening, I have been purchasing little plants I believe are fairly, receive a little container and expect to never kill the plant. Right now my backyard includes succulents, a few tropical crops, then a little assortment of flowering teeninga palms which seem as they’d grow well in containers.

For the large part, this has worked well. I haven’t had success maintaining lilies, tulips, and most lately, lavender in containers. The rest of the plants I have appear to enjoy where they’re, for now.

Container Gardens

What exactly are container gardens, just? Container gardens are just what the name implies, a garden in which the plants are stored only in containers, rather than at the floor.

You will find an assortment of sizes, shapes, sizes, and styles of containers that draw anybody. Since I’m on a budget and restricted to space, nearly all of my containers are plain but sturdy. This works nicely for me because I need the focus of my backyard to function as plants themselves.

teeninga palms

Why Container Gardening?

Container gardens are ideal for men and women that wish to garden but do not have some ground to utilize, for example myself. I have a little balcony and use it for my own container garden as much as you can.

Containers are also good to use to accent a massive backyard, particular area of a backyard or even a porch. There are infinite ways to use a container garden.

Containers versus Planting from the Ground

Both container gardening and classic floor gardening work good. It truly counts what you need to work together, private taste, the plants you’ve got and what you wish to grow.

Plants for Container Gardening

I’ve found over the last year there are various kinds of plants which grow well in containers. Here I will discuss only a few of those crops.


Nemesias do not grow very big, making them the ideal container plant. They are available in many different colors. Nemesias need full sunlight, so that they require at least 6 hours of sun.

Double Impatiens

Double impatiens are small, vibrant flowers that are easy to grow in containers. They could grow from 6 to 30 inches tall. Be certain that the soil you use is excellent drainage soil for those blossoms.


Snapdragons are readily grown in containers too. These odd looking plants may grow out of 8 inches to 3 feet tall. Deadhead flowers when they’re beyond the flowering point to promote the plant to continue to develop flowers.


Brightly colored calendulas require full sunlight to grow nicely. These daisy looking blossoms grow from 18 to 24 inches tall. Calendulas keep insects off, which is an additional incentive to such as them in your container garden.


There are a number of herbs to pick from, so that you’re able to make an whole container garden from herbs. Rosemary, mint, sage, thyme, and lavender are only a couple of the herbs which you can grow in containers. A number of these may be developed together.


These flexible and vibrant flowers are another fantastic selection for container gardening. Petunias grow well in containers and hanging baskets, with different colored petunias and other blossoms. Just a couple needs to be grown together in a time to prevent overcrowding.

Morning Glories

Morning Glories are plants with lovely blue blossoms. Because they track, when placed in a container that they desire a trellis to promote growth upward. Morning glories can grow up to 8 feet tall.


Osteospermum plants can also be referred to as African daisies. These flowers arrive in pinks, purples and other colours. African daisies need lots of sunlight to grow and flourish in containers.

teeninga palms


Marigolds grow well in pots. Some forms grow really tall and might appear to seem to overpower the container. My French marigolds are a bit smaller than conventional marigolds and match perfectly in the left-hand containers I have these in.

Do not grow a lot of marigolds collectively in a pot. I’ve 4 French marigolds in each pot, that seemed too much initially, but so far they’re growing well.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies make good container plants. I need to know, right now I have pink and yellow gerbera daisies in two distinct containers on my balcony.

Gerbera daisies need partial to sunlight. To maintain them developing flowers, be certain that you deadhead the daisies.

Advantages of Container Gardening

There are a lot of benefits of container gardening. Below I shall mention only some of the benefits.

Container gardening is a good way for novice gardeners to acquire more expertise in gardening.
Gardening with containers just is good for folks like me that don’t have any ground dirt and tiny spaces to operate with.
Container gardening is a wonderful way to encourage children to learn about gardening and plants.
Wildlife is not as inclined to enter crops versus plants grown in the floor.
Since containers are mobile, they can be moved around at a style or arrangement of your choice.
Disadvantages of Container Gardening

There are normally fewer downsides to gardening containers.

Plants are confined to the dimensions of this container they’re growing in. I try to purchase plants little enough so that they can grow nicely into the container they’re planted in.
Plants grown in containers often wash fast and require more watering.
The dirt in containers has to be replaced annually because the dirt loses nutrients that plants will need to grow nicely in.
Plants for Container Gardening

I hope you learned something new about plants for container gardening or has been motivated to begin your own container garden. I just have some of the crops mentioned previously but would really like to incorporate more of those flowers to my container garden.

Can you have other crops which grow well in containers I didn’t mention above? Allow me to know in the comments section below!