Frozen Desserts for People With Food Allergies

As summer approaches and the temperatures start to grow, children everywhere begin to consider a few of America’s favorite snacks: ice cream. When it is awaiting the ice cream truck to come down your street, grabbing an ice cream cone at the neighborhood baseball game or scooping it out in your home, ice cream always seems to hit the place.

For kids with food allergies, however, ice cream is not necessarily an option. Ice cream includes dairy and for all those who have any milk allergy, it is often not an option. Although it is not a true allergy, those that are lactose intolerant, also often find they are not able to eat ice cream.

When someone is lactose intolerant, they are unable to easily digest the lactose, a sugar found in milk, which makes them with excess gas and frequently an upset stomach. Additionally, many ice cream flavors comprise mix-in’s of biscuits, brownies or nuts, which also may influence those with gluten or nut allergies.

Well, fret no longer. The marketplace is filled with so many great products that will enable even kids with food allergies the opportunity to indulge in America’s favorite dessert. Have a look at a few of these great frozen desserts which will have your children asking for one more scoop.

The coconut milk variety is made of organic coconuts and is totally non-GMO. The almond milk types are soy-free, fermented and non-GMO. The consistency of those frozen desserts is quite much like ice cream and will leave you desiring more. These products come in many different flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and cookie dough, and offer those with milk or gluten allergies more options when picking a frozen dessert.

Wink Desserts: This item is a great choice for kids with lots of food allergies. This frozen treat is created with pea protein and natural flavorings, both of which are still an significant part this Wink company. Wink’s goods are a bit smoother than conventional ice cream but the taste and intriguing flavors can’t be beat. The ingredients are all organic and non-GMO. This dessert comes in many different kid-friendly flavors like peanut butter and jelly, strawberry cheesecake and cocoa-dough. And despite the titles of these flavors, they remain allergen-free.

Ben & Jerry’s: This firm, that has existed for many decades, has taken the plunge and joined the dairy-free marketplace. The new flavors are created with almond milk to offer those with a dairy allergy a chance to indulge. For those who already understand the great taste in Ben & Jerry’s, they’ll fall in love all over again using all the above-mentioned varieties. In reality, the non-dairy dessert can also be certified vegan, which means it doesn’t contain any animal products–such as eggs, dairy or honey. Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Fudge Brownie, and P.B. Cookies are a Couple of of the non-dairy flavors to combine with the Ben & Jerry’s product lineup. This dessert is made of all organic ingredients, with no additives or additives. It’s free of milk, gluten, and soy too. This chewy, sweet frozen treat is absolutely delicious in each spoonful. This cashew milk ice cream contains no additives, oils or gums. Mint chip, coffee, and strawberry are among their many tastes.

Let’s not overlook that there are a few different options for those who have food allergies that are looking for a frozen treat that’s a little more home-made. Perhaps your kids will want to give one of these a try next time it is time for dessert:

Fudgsicle: Take your favorite non-dairy milk of choice, such as soy milk or almond milk. Pour into a glass and add your favourite chocolate or strawberry syrup, to make it into a tasty strawberry or chocolate milk. Pour into a popsicle manufacturer and place in your own freezer. After a number of hours, you will have your very own home-made dairy-free, allergen-free frozen dessert.

Frozen banana: Take this nutritious fruit, loaded with potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6, and remove the peel. Cover with plastic wrap and place in freezer. After a few hours take out the banana and with a spoon mash into a cup or bowl. Within a short while, this tasty frozen fruit will have you believing you’re eating banana ice cream. Get more information about Mantra of Savory Dishes

This summer, do not let food allergies get in the way when all of us scream for ice cream! Everyone can indulge in a variety of the sweet suspended treat after all.