New Alamein City – First Residential City In The North Coast

Innovative Alamein City is the first residential destination on the lapland coast as the north coast is characterized by the excellent natural and geographical features. Thus, it’ll be a exceptional residential destination that will help in reducing population congestion around cities.

New Alamein City Location:

Al-Alamain city is positioned on the northern coast – Kilo 34 – rest of the world Alexandria. It also lies between the borders of Wadi Natroun and Dabaa.

The Space And Capacity Of new El Alamein Location:
Al-Alamain city stretches over 50 thousand acres together with supposed to accommodate about 3 million residents.

The Internal Quality brand The New Alamein City:
Residential Sector:
The city contains related to 10 thousand residential units divided into social housing apartment rentals and distinctive housing apartments.

Coastal Sector:

Coastal Area Contains Numerous Services Such As:
Coastal Personal Areas,
Exhibitions Land,
Private Resort,
Cultural Center,
Fun area.

Archaeological Sector:

The archaeological sector includes a museum, a park, and other services.

Urban Sector:

Furthermore urban sector, it includes a university and regional products and services center.

Services At New Alamein City:

  • Mosque and church,
  • Amusement park,
  • Opera house,
  • Library as sizeable as Alexandrina library,
  • Clubs,
  • Artificial lake,
  • Schools as well as universities,
  • International conferences center,
  • Medical center over 44 real estates.
  • Companies Involved In The Project Implementation:
  • Orascom,
  • Samco Company,
  • Arab-speaking Contractors Company,
  • Sayak Company,
  • Urban Communities Authority,
  • Archaeologist Corps of the Armed Forces,
  • Ministry of the housing.

Where to Find the Most Unique Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for Your Kids

Everyone wishes to be noticed. You can only attain this in the event that you’re special and different. Somewhat like a classroom full of 50 or more pupils, there are unquestionably a couple of kids who stand out among the remainder on account of their special talents, abilities and their identity as an individual. In addition, it can be due to their adverse trait and mindset. Likewise, your little one will stick out at a spot full of various kids while sporting a distinctive fancy Easy Dress up Ideas for Children and Adults.

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Anything and everything is within reach although the World Wide Web. Hunting the Internet opens up amazing and terrific tips on the type of costumes you need for your children. Aside from the different online dress up stores, in addition, there are films, e-books, children’s sites where you are able to get unique personalities and ideas which you may use for another costume party. Online dress up shops constantly has fresh and special get-ups to your son or daughter. You may either buy it on line or lease . To make sure what you picked is just one of a type; you can always spice this up with extra accessories.

Easy Dress up Ideas for Children and Adults

Magazine and Books

You are able to discover new ideas through children’s books and magazines. Craft magazines can be bought in bookstores which largely include a step-by-step method on the best way best to create the costume you would like.

Retail Dress upward Shops

There’s nothing like watching the apparel upfront. There are numerous retail stores where you could visit when searching for fancy dress costume for children. In reality, the majority of shops have costumes for lease also. Other people prefer to mix up things to create their costume special.


Yes, it is true! You are able to discover a distinguishing party apparel for your kid right at your home. All you will need is to be imaginative. It is possible to let your kid wear 70’s or 80’s costume out of their grandparents’ wardrobe. There are many innovative ideas you and your little one is able to look into when coming up with the fancy dress costume for this special occasion.